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NaoStedi Disposable doing pump

NaoStediPump Disposable

NaoPump Disposable pump
NaoMix disposabble mixing pump

NaoPump offers different pumping solutions delivering accurate dosing, pulseless flow rate, high pressure and mixing of ultra small volume.

The pumps are composed of two parts: the driving unit and the pump head. The proprietary technologies are the result of several years of R&D.

The NaoStediPump is a ready to use system. The other series of pumps are meant to be used as components or parts to be integrated into any clients’s designs.

NaoPump serves multiple markets ranging from medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory to food and chemical industries.

Several designs are ready for specific applications. The pumps can be easily adapted to meet the most demanding applications in any markets.

Our dedicated engineering team is there to help you to design the appropriate solutions or complete devices that best suit your needs.


The pump heads are made of injected plastics for a maximum compatibility with fluids. The sealing elements are made of rubbers giving outstanding performances in almost any application.

The pumps with durable pump head are easy to dissemble for the maintenance of the sealing elements.

Smart pumps for dem​anding applications

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September 2016

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News & Events


Fluid Handling International

March/April 2016

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Parenteral Drug Association 3.11.2015


Swissinnov is presenting its new Drug Reconstitution Device and miniature Drug Delivery patch in partnership with Sonceboz.






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